Where is your wood sourced from?

At Vintage Palace, we source plantation teak wood grown in Indonesia. Every piece of furniture is meticulously sourced, handcrafted and furnished by local Indonesian craftsmen.

What wood finishes do you offer?

Our signature lacquer coating gives our furniture a golden-brown warm and rich look, leaving a shiny and glossy finish to the wood surface. It also act as a protective layer and prevent water stains. You may also choose between clear, dark brown or black lacquer coating.

If you prefer the natural look of wood, opt for raw finishing to retain the natural dark wood grain and soft sanded finishing.

Are all your products listed on this website?

We are constantly trying to upload all our products online for the convenience of our customers. Please visit our showroom for the full range of our product.

Can your furniture be used outdoors?

Yes! Teak furniture is outdoor-friendly as it is highly durable against natural elements. Do note that teak will naturally turn silvery-grey with prolonged exposure under direct sunlight. To maintain the initial colour, we recommend to place furniture away from direct sunlight and rain.

Do you provide maintenance services?

Yes we do! If you require topcoat refreshment or maintenance, please contact us for service advice.
*Servicing and transport fees may apply.
**This service is only available for products purchased from Vintage Palace.

How do I maintain my teak furniture?

  • Clean your furniture using a soft brush or 100% cotton cloth (dry/damp).
  • Use table mats and coasters on table surfaces to prevent scratches and water marks.
  • Place furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.
  • Avoid dragging objects across surfaces to prevent scratches.
  • For shelves and chest of drawers, we recommend to place heavier items on lower shelves/drawers to maintain central gravity.

If we didn’t manage to answer question, please drop us a call or message and we will assist you from there!